Why Study?

This new course offers an introduction to both traditional and digital photography within a framework of general art and design issues such as contextual studies, visual language and interpretation and professional industry awareness.
It provides a basis for progression to Visual Arts related qualifications at university, or can provide a professional portfolio that reflects the interests of each student to take into an apprenticeship or independent career pathways. The A-level qualification is achieved by completing both units of the course.

Much of the learning is done through practical work in studios and darkrooms as well as ICT based media. Each student is encouraged to interpret set projects in their own way to develop a personal style and portfolio of work.

Whilst we hope to have a limited amount of equipment available for hire, students will benefit from owning or having access to their own camera.


  • Year 12
    This consists of two units of work, both of which are organised around a broad- based theme. This includes a wet/traditional film photography and a digital photography project
    Unit 1  Coursework: Marks – 60%


  • Year 13
    Building on the experience from Year 12 study, students will further develop skills and an independent response based on their individual areas of specialization.  This consists of a single unit of work, which is thematic based. This unit includes a 3000 word essay or reflective report.
    Unit 2  Externally set assignment: Marks – 40%

All units are internally marked and externally moderated. Students will complete a thematic based project and complete a final piece in a 15hr exam, all preparation material is assessed.

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