Classical Civilisation

Why Study?

Classical Civilisation explores the world of ancient Greece and Rome through literature, art and archaeology, attempting to understand the society and beliefs of these civilisations.

What will I study?

Year 12 – We will read about the adventures of Odysseus as he returns from Troy in Homer’s Odyssey. You will be learning how to analyse ancient literature and write confidently about key characters and issues in the book. We will also explore how Augustus became the first Roman emperor and how Augustus put across his own personal brand in mixed media from literature to statues to coins and much more!

Year 13 – We examine one of the most influential works in western literature, the Aeneid. It tells the story of Aeneas, the origins of the Romans and the forming of their national identity. As you read you will develop the ability to apply context to derive a deeper meaning from the book, including potentially a political message. We also enquire into Greek Religion, trying to understand what the Greeks thought about the gods and how they worshipped them. You will learn how to structure sophisticated answers to questions on the society and culture of the Greeks.

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