Maths (Further)

Why Study?

This course will introduce new areas of mathematics beyond the regular A-level Mathematics course.  Examples include complex numbers, polar coordinates and matrices.  You will also study topics covered in Mathematics in greater detail and expand upon your problem-solving and analytical thinking skills.

Ideas from mechanics are developed enabling mathematical models to be more accurate and realistic.  In addition the Further course covers discrete mathematics. This includes study of the mathematics behind computer algorithms and that involved in codes and ciphers.

What can I do with it?

Many former students studying mathematical, scientific and engineering courses at university have told us that studying A-Level Further Mathematics gave them a real advantage in the early part of their degree courses.

The analytical, logical and problem-solving skills acquired are held in high regard by universities and employers alike, providing a wealth of possible future careers.

Subject combinations

You will have to study A-Level Mathematics in order to also study A-Level Further Mathematics.

There are strong links with the sciences (especially physics) and engineering.


The same help sessions mentioned in the A-Level Mathematics section apply to A-Level Further Mathematics too. We encourage you to work collaboratively and explore any ideas with your peers and staff.

What will I study?

A-Level Further Mathematics is assessed across three examinations at the end of Year 13.

Each paper is 2 hours long and is out of 100 marks.

  • Paper 1 – Pure Mathematics only
  • Paper 2 – Pure Mathematics only
  • Paper 3 – Mechanics and Discrete Mathematics

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